The below is an excerpt from the T-series Club of Australia's club constitution. Should you wish to, you can view the full constitution via the Information menu item within the site's main menu.


    1. Full Membership is open to any person owning genuine T Series vehicles made from 1999 – 2002, this includes TE50, TS50, TL50 and Pursuit 250 utes. 

    2. Persons who have previously owned one of the above-mentioned vehicles may also apply for Associate Membership. 

    3. Associate Membership is also open to current Full members who dispose of their vehicle, but still want to remain financial members of the club. 

    4. The committee may also appoint Associate Membership to patrons of the club who promote and/or endorse the club’s purpose. As a minimum, such Associate members must own a Ford vehicle, and must participate in at least two club events or meetings per year.

    5. The total number of Associate members may not exceed 20 members at any one time.

    6. Associate members do not have voting rights, but may participate in club events, such as cruises and social events and activities.

    7. Associate members are not eligible to display their vehicles within a club display if the associated event has been nominated as an ‘Official Club Display’ by the Committee.

    8. An Associate member who becomes an owner of one of the abovementioned vehicles will be deemed to be a Full member upon ownership.

    9. A right, privilege or obligation of a person by reason of membership of the association- 

    a. Is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person, 

    b. Terminates upon the cessation of membership whether by death or resignation or otherwise