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If you own, have owned or have simply spotted a T-Series or P250 somewhere then help make this site the best place for all your T-Series & P250 information by submitting it's details here. We hope to be able to list virtually every TE50, TS50 TL50 & P250 ever built within the club's Registry with one or more pics and a small blurb about it. You are also welcome to use this page to update a vehicle that's already on the Registry. And if you are out and about, you can do it all from your smart phone - including the pictures.

Submit the T or P’s details and attach up to 6 images

All submissions are reviewed prior to being inserted into the registry and it may take some time to get this done.

Our host limits the total size of submissions to 10MB so if you don’t see your submission on screen afterwards, then try again with less images.

If necessary, you are welcome to submit without images and instead email them to

  •   Series 1
      Series 2
      Series 3
  •   TE50
  •   Automatic
  •   Ford Motor Company of Australia
      FTE Doncaster
      City FTE Melbourne
      FTE Oakleigh
      FTE Vermont
      FTE Preston
      FTE Morwell
      FTE Albury/Wodonga
      FTE Launceston
      FTE Liverpool
      FTE Ryde
      City FTE Sydney
      FTE Newcastle
      City FTE Brisbane
      FTE Southport
      FTE Townsville
      FTE Canberra
      FTE Melville
      FTE Port Adelaide
      I don't know! (or non FTE)

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